Renault Sport Technologies


Renault Sport : expertise and a passion for motorsport, all wrapped up in an impressive automobile and sporting events package.

The overall aim of Renault Sport Technologies, the motorsport and low and mid-volume vehicle production specialists, is to contribute towards the growth, profit and image of the Renault Group via the design and commercialisation of its sporting vehicles, the organisation of top-level motorsport competitions and the development of the Renault Sport brand.
In addition, Renault Sport provides the Renault Group with engineering and manufacturing services, as well as the complete management of innovative low and mid-volume projects.

Renault Sport steers the Group’s sporting policy (with the exception of Formula One) and ensures that the identities of its various sport-related brands are respected.

From the Twingo R.S. to the Megane R.S., and not forgetting the GT and GT Line ranges, Renault Sport puts all of the know-how it has amassed in competition into creating vehicles that are accessible to everyone.

For Renault, rally racing has always been an excellent way of remaining close to our customers.
To this end, Renault Sport organises numerous Trophies as part of the French Rally Championship and enters an works team in FIA European Rally Championship.

The overall goal is to encourage rallying by offering our customers high-quality events, aided by sporting regulations that promote a level playing field and by technical support teams present at each Trophy event, as well as to enable young, talented drivers to take part in competitive races via controlled budgets.

The involvement of local dealers and subsidiaries provides a unique opportunity to get close to the action.

Renault takes part in over 200 monotype circuit races across the world.

Through its subsidiaries, Renault has always encouraged new motor racing talents to blossom. It is worth noting that 60% of the Formula One drivers competing in 2015 have had experience in one of Renault Sport’s racing series. Proof indeed, if any was needed, that our championships are simply not to be missed.

There is always a real buzz around the World Series by Renault, an original and unique concept that can be summed up in three words : free, fast and fun !
This family-friendly event did enjoy its tenth season in 2014.
We have plenty of new, exciting plans for the season ahead.

- Tougher, more competitive championships
- A Formula Renault 3.5 Series that, technically speaking, is closer than ever to Formula One
- A new Formula Renault 2.0 that allows a seamless transition between the Formula Renault 1.6 and Formula Renault 3.5
- New Clio Cup designed from Clio R.S. 200 EDC
- An international outlook, with races from Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring... This goes hand-in-hand with Renault’s sales strategy
We strive to ensure that all of this takes place in an atmosphere of exemplary sporting fairness.

In addition, Renault Sport organises regular Renault Sport ‘Enthusiast Days’ for its customers. Offering special moments to reward the delighted owners of Renault sporting vehicles, but also aimed at motorsport lovers in general, Enthusiast Days give drivers the chance to safely try out professional Formula One tracks, under close supervision from experienced instructors. Other events, entitled ‘100% Discovery Days’, provide the public with the opportunity to explore the world of Renault Sport.


- What we do : Design – manufacture – commercialisation of vehicles, organisation of motorsport competitions and events
- 330 Renault Sport Specialists outlets worldwide
- 37,164 mass-produced vehicles in 2014
- 200+ monotype Renault Sport races worldwide
- 5,6+ million World Series by Renault spectators since 2005
- 550 participants in the official Renault Sport championships (circuit and rally racing)
- Nearly than 60% of 2015’s Formula One drivers have taken part in a Renault Sport championship
- 7:54.36 : the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R lap record at the Nordschleife (the Nürburgring), in the mass-produced front-wheel drive category in 2014

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