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Renault in eSports

The links between motorsport and video game competitions are undeniable: passion, emotion and performance.

Those are the ingredients that bring together motor sport fans as well as video game and eSports fans, across generations.

To celebrate this common passion, Renault and Team Vitality have created a new entity dedicated to motorsports video games competitions: Renault Vitality.
Team Vitality is the most successful French team in Europe, number 1 in France and winner of many international titles.

"This merger is a great opportunity for Renault to reach new and younger audiences. The vision and expertise of the Vitality team in the world of eSports, combined with our history in motor sport, will allow us to align a formation of good pace. The outlook and developments in this discipline are broad." Bastien Schupp, Group Vice President Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications.

In 2018, Renault Vitality takes part in the competitions with the video game Rocket League and soon the F1 2018 game. This new eSports team has already celebrated its first victories in the competitions of Rocket League. And the adventure is just beginning!

eSports, a fast expanding economy

  • 900 M$ revenue at the end of 2017
  • 385 M fans at the end of 2017