R.S. Vision

R.S. Vision

Unique performance

The system combines four high-performance lighting functions in the same lighting block:

  • Sidelights
  • Cornering lights
  • Fog lights and long-range high beam lights

The final two functions may be activated simultaneously.
The lighting power range of the high beam lights has been extended to 460 metres1, which is a 17% improvement on the most powerful Xenon headlamps.

Furthermore, the ray of light cast by the lights has been designed to be very white and perfectly consistent in the direction in which drivers are looking, making for a totally safe driving experience.

1. Measurement made at 1 lux, the value representing the limit of light perception by a human eye

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With its chequered flag design, the R.S. Vision lighting system is now one of the characteristic features of the Renault Sport range.

Integrated into the bumper, on either side of the F1-style blade, each of the multi-reflector blocks contain nine LEDs.

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