1979 - 2019: Drivers by Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo,
Formula 1 Driver

The first thing you notice is that the fireproof underwear is non-existent, you can practically see his nipples! He also has a lot more hair. I have a lot of hair, but not many people these days have that much.

The gear was pretty casual in 1979. Now every driver has a branded drinks bottle, hat, sunglasses...back then everyone was less commercial-savvy. F1 is more accessible than ever via TV and social media; I am sure there was big money in the sport in the 70s, but now people have to make sure they are getting more for their investments.

Both these photos were taken on the grid – with all that scrutiny from TV, you can see I am wearing headphones to focus. Back then they had no portable music devices to shut everything out.

I also have a bottle with a drink with various minerals and salts in it. it. I am sure they had hydration in 1979, but it was maybe a flask of something different! There’s just a much better awareness of fitness as a whole now. We train as athletes and are much more controlled as we have a lot more knowledge about how training and diet can have a positive effect on our performance. It must have felt a lot more raw in the 70s – you needed a lot of muscles as there was no power steering.

I am sure I would have liked racing in the 70s – the Aussie in me is very laid back and relaxed, so I think I would have liked it just fine!