520 horsepower for a unique experience!

Renault Trucks and Renault Sport Racing have combined their expertise to design 99 T High Renault Sport Racing vehicles, a limited edition featuring the racing team’s iconic Sirius Yellow paintwork.

Renault Sport Racing and Renault Trucks have joined forces to create a T High offering genuine driving pleasure.

The flagship model of its long distance range, the T High Renault Sport Racing offers undeniable on-board comfort and impressive performance thanks to its 520hp engine, which boasts a healthy 2,550Nm of torque. Its elegant, dynamic look is emphasized by the iconic Sirius Yellow paintwork and the yellow and black chequered flag design that appears on Renault Sport Formula One Team race cars.

In addition to the obvious distinguishing marks, different textures and shades highlight the contrasts. The diamond badge, wing mirrors and radiator grill have all been given a coat of shiny black paint, whilst the sun visor and hub caps feature yellow trim.

The cabin has also been give special attention, featuring top-of-the-range equipment and finishing. The T High Renault Sport Racing therefore retains all of the features needed for comfort on long journeys: the black leather Recaro® upholstery has been refined with yellow top-stitching, as are the bunk and floor mat.

Around the black leather steering wheel, the panoramic dashboard has a carbon finish, whilst the ventilators and seat belt sleeves feature a touch of yellow to complete the sporting look of this limited edition… Never before has an R.S. boasted performance figures like these!