Held in Dijon on Monday 12 October, the final Renault Sport Enthusiast Day of the year attracted more than 100 participants.

There to meet with them was Renault Sport Clio product manager Benjamin Manceau. He spoke to us about his job and his experiences at the event.

What does your job involve?
As a product manager my job is to ensure driving enthusiasts are kept informed about the Clio R.S. and what it has to offer. My brief is to highlight the strong points of the Clio R.S. (explaining Launch Control and multi-downshift, for example), specify the message we get across in our adverts and to regularly come up with and propose new ideas to ensure more and more enthusiasts get pleasure at the wheel, through new limited-edition series, for example.

What do you get out of attending a Renault Sport Enthusiast Day?
It’s important because it gives me the chance to speak to our customers. Enthusiast Days provide them with an opportunity to live out their passion for Renault Sport. They can come and test the sportiness of their own cars on a closed circuit, all in complete safety and with the supervision of professional drivers, who are there to pass on their love for sporty driving.

What did you talk about with the participants?
The Clio R.S. was the focal point of our discussions. There’s a lot of Renault Sport expertise in the car, and as someone said today, that expertise has made it “a track car for everyday driving”. As for being at the wheel, “the paddles, R.S. Drive and R.S. Monitor offer a lot of fun while also harnessing the car’s potential.”

I was also on hand to see the first TROPHY customers take to the Dijon Prenois track. The drivers went out very happy. It was really exciting for them and satisfying for us. They described the car as “very efficient” and they had a lot of fun “putting the Megane R.S. through its paces”.

There were also a few discussions about the five doors, which were described as “a matter of taste” as they “make it easier to use the car on an everyday basis”.

What was your highlight of the day?
What stood out for me was the togetherness. I saw for myself that our customers are a real community of enthusiasts. Every driver knew their car and the range inside out. Some of them have had at least four Renault Sport cars, while others are already thinking about their next purchase: the New Clio R.S. 220 EDC TROPHY. There were also some who’d never driven a Renault before buying the Clio R.S. It really is a passion.

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