A new engine for New Mégane GT

Now available with an Energy dCi 165 engine combined with a six-speed EDC automatic dual-clutch gearbox, New Mégane GT and New Mégane GT Sport Tourer are even more attractive than ever.

The twin-turbo Energy dCi 165 engine has been specifically fine-tuned by Renault Sport’s engineers. Compared with the version already available on Espace and Talisman, the engine boasts additional power (+ 5hp) and a maximum torque of 380Nm, available from 1750rpm.

These performances help make the most of the chassis and suspensions systems, also developed by Renault Sport. For example, the 4CONTROL system calculates and adjusts the angle of the rear wheels a hundred times per second, improving both the car’s stability at high speeds and the responsiveness of its handling on tight, twisty roads. Specific work has also been done on the suspension to improve vertical ride comfort.

New Mégane GT and New Mégane GT Sport Tourer, equipped with the Energy dCi 165 engine, are already available to order for delivery in January 2017.