Account Manager - Fleur Foster

The Job
As Account Manager, my role is to work with Team partners to deliver their contractual entitlements. Our partners range from Fortune 500 Companies to technical companies that supply technologies to develop the car. In any case, they are investing large amounts of money in the Team and it is my role to help them obtain the maximum return on their investment. In order to do this, I have to work very closely with people within the partner’s organisation to understand their sponsorship goals so as to develop relevant campaigns.
Our sponsors are a truly global collection of companies, and their markets reach all corners of the planet. This makes me very lucky because I get to travel to many of the races and work with the locals around their race activation.

First Steps
I first got into sport sponsorship with my first job after leaving uni. I was a marketing assistant and was given the job of managing the company’s sponsorship of a paintball team. I then moved into Rugby sponsorship for a large client and then got into Formula 1 in 2011.

What qualifications do I need ?
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management with a major in Marketing, and I have a CIM professional Diploma. But the role does not necessarily require these qualifications. I think the attitude as well as the experience are what is needed.

Where would I start ?
I think it is important to have client management experience in the sports industry. I would recommend working for any professional sports team or a client and an agency. A lot of clients work with agencies so having that experience is definitely beneficial.

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