Advent Calendar: the list of winners!

It’s still Christmas for twenty-four lucky people out there! Following the prize draw, the winners in our special Advent Calendar competition have been revealed.

Many of you, from all around the world, entered the competition to try and answer questions about Renault Sport. With a bit of luck, perhaps your name will be on the list of winners below:

  • 1 December: Tim Wagner (USA)
  • 2 December: Romain Tardy (France)
  • 3 December: Ana Sampaio (Portugal)
  • 4 December: Fanny Decembry (Belgium)
  • 5 December: Antoine Penven (France)
  • 6 December: Daniel Petterson (Sweden)
  • 7 December: Yohann Milius (France)
  • 8 December: Julian Wagner (Germany)
  • 9 December: Sarah Underwood (United Kingdom)
  • 10 December: Julien Maler (France)
  • 11 December: Laurent Thomas (France)
  • 12 December: Nicolas Ruaud (France)
  • 13 December: Frédéric Williaume (France)
  • 14 December: Nicol Beattie (United Kingdom)
  • 15 December: Gerard Donnelan (Ireland)
  • 16 December: Jon Guerrero (Spain)
  • 17 December: Henri Lemmens (Netherlands)
  • 18 December: Milos Jancok (Slovakia)
  • 19 December: Glenn Beets (Belgium)
  • 20 December: Martine Debakker (Belgium)
  • 21 December: Jean-Michel Boileau (Canada)
  • 22 December: Sophie Chesneau (France)
  • 23 December: Samuel Sheeba (India)
  • 24 December: Louise Jensen (Denmark)

Did you win? Well done! If you gave us your address, please check your letter box because we have sent you your prize…

Missed out this time? Never mind, keep smiling! We’ll be back soon with more surprises!