Austria; my type of country and my type of circuit - Q&A with Kevin Magnussen

After a trio of street courses it’s back to a permanent track with the picturesque Austrian Grand Prix, something Kevin Magnussen is particularly looking forward to.

How are you looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix?
I’m particularly looking forward to it. Austria is more my type of country, with the fresh air and mountains. It’s great to be away from a city for a Grand Prix and the circuit itself is really good. It’s small, but it’s high speed. It has a really nice flow and there are good opportunities for overtaking – like into turn two. I like it.

You’ve raced there before; what were your thoughts?
I had a decent race and qualifying there in 2014 so there’s nothing bad I can say about it. I’m headed there in a very positive frame of mind and I can’t wait to get out in action.

How do you sum-up your Baku weekend?
We learned a lot in Baku. We tried a variety of set-ups and did make progress in our understanding of the car. My car wasn’t too bad in the race and we made the best of our opportunities. Obviously, we all want stronger results but we all knew this would be a tough season where we’d have to dig deep and work hard. Ultimately we’re here for the long term.