Austrian GP : Point of view of Operations Director

Austria is the second in a trio of fast, flowing tracks, coming after Montreal and before Silverstone.

A high percentage of the lap is taken at wide open throttle with the long straights linked by heavy braking points. These elements, plus the high altitude, make the track very challenging for the Power Units.

Thanks to the upgrades implemented since the start of the season, we know that the Energy F1 is now robust enough to deal with the challenges of such a track. We have also had a stern test at the last race in Canada pass without any issues. We do acknowledge, however, that we need to concentrate on extracting the most of the performance potential. This is obviously a more long term goal, and we are making good progress in a number of areas.

We know that this track will not play to our strengths, but we need to work with our partners to get the most from the package we have, both chassis and engine, and be ready to take advantage of opportunities.

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