Backstage at the World Series by Renault #1 The Renault Sport showmen

A big hit with the spectators, the Renault Sport Show is recognised as one of the highlights of any World Series by Renault weekend. Taking centre stage between races, the Megane R.S. fleet keeps the track warm with their superbly choreographed routines.

Designed to showcase the capabilities of the R.S. range in the hands of professional drivers, the Renault Sport Show has been running since Estoril in 2007. The format has been reworked on a regular basis ever since, all with the idea of putting the Clio, Twingo and Megane R.S. in the spotlight.

“We’ve put the accent this year on donuts and powerslides,” explains Julien Piguet, the head of the company Driving Evolution. “With the extra power it offers, the Nouvelle Megane R.S. 265 opens up a whole lot of possibilities for us. We also adapt the show to the specific characteristics of each circuit. At Spa-Francorchamps, for example, we did routines on the two straights, the idea being to entertain as many spectators as possible.

He adds : “If the show’s going to be nice to watch, it’s essential that we stage it just right. The movements and alignments are timed down to the last tenth of a second. To make sure everything goes off perfectly, we train before the start of the season and then before each meeting. We also go over all the sequences on foot, just like stunt pilots. We prepare every last detail, though we also have to be able to react to circumstances. If the race schedule gets changed, we have to be ready to go out on the track and keep the fans entertained.”

Performing drift demos, six Mégane R.S. 265 and a Clio R.S. 200 EDC take part in the Renault Sport Show at every World Series by Renault 2015 meeting. “The two models in the current range are both represented,” adds Piguet. “It’s especially important to use the same models as the ones found in the showroom. We don’t make any technical modifications to them, apart from attaching smoke grenades that is.”


Over the last eight years the Renault Sport Show gang have experienced more than a few adventures. “There have been a lot of fun moments, especially with Jean Ragnotti,” comments Piguet. “A few years back, as part of the partnership between Renault and the French rugby team, we came up with a special show in which Sebastien Chabal had to kick a ball into the stands. He whacked it so hard, though, that it sailed over the stand and right into a stall selling spicy Merguez sausages ! Obviously, that was something we didn’t cater for.”


-  344 shows since 2007.
-  8 sets of tyres per meeting.
-  1,140 tyres used in 7 years.
-  1,728 smoke grenades.
-  1,176 reverse manoeuvres.
-  3,776 donuts.

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