The Pineapple Cheerleaders and the Cheerleading Company are the teams of pom-pom dancers who brighten up the World Series by Renault paddock on race weekends. We take you into their colourful world.

Founded nine years ago, the Cheerleading Company can pride itself on being the oldest of its kind in the UK. Six of their dancers appear at every two-day World Series by Renault weekend of the year.

Though organisation is very much the name of their game, they sometimes make changes to the shows they put on in the paddock to give them a fresh twist.

Just one of the services offered by the Cheerleading Company, the Pineapple Cheerleaders joined the World Series by Renault this year, following an initial collaboration with Renault, and have brought with them a brand new show.

Its dancers put in many long hours of preparation and training in order to meet the challenge. And as Cheerleading Company director Cece told us, she selects the team of cheerleaders that will appear at each meeting, basing her decisions on both their schedules and their profiles.

The various roles involved in the company’s dance routines require a range of different skills, which means Cece has to select the team best able to meet the challenges posed by each race weekend.

Voicing her delight at working in partnership with Renault Sport, she said : “The World Series by Renault vibe is so nice. The meetings are always a lot of fun and the fans are happy to be there and to see us.”

As the dancers themselves told us, they get a great welcome in the paddock from the teams and the fans, and are always in great demand for photos.

“We like sharing with the fans and getting them to take part in our performances,” added the cheerleaders, who told us how much they enjoy being part of the World Series by Renault spectacle :

Heather : “I’m very happy to be here at the World Series by Renault for the third time this year, especially on home ground at Silverstone.”
Arwen : “Working at the World Series by Renault is a fantastic experience and it’s also great to go and visit different tracks.”
Dani : “I’m so thrilled to be here at Silverstone. I’ve taken part in every meeting since the start of the year and I just love it.”
Gabbi : “We’re very lucky to be able to go to all these countries. It’s not something that everyone gets to do.”
Kirsty : “This is my second weekend after Spa-Francorchamps, and it’s fun to visit other countries and to meet everyone. We’re having a great time.”
Shelley : “I’m very happy to be here and see some great racing and to have the opportunity to dance, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy being with the fans.”

Enjoy the cheerleaders dance move on the World Series by Renault Facebook page.

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