Belgian Grand Prix : Point of view of Operations Director

We’ve been extremely busy in the four weeks since the Hungarian Grand Prix. In contrast to the teams, who had to shut their factories, we’ve been operating throughout the summer break to continue our development programme. The dynos have run as usual and we’ve conducted some notable performance work for the rest of the season and also concepts for next year. The results are good.

In parallel we have been preparing for Spa, which presents the hardest test of the year for the power units. The wide open throttle time is as high as Monza, but it’s the corners, changes of altitude and length that increase the difficulty.

We are realistic about the challenge facing us and the strength of the opposition at this point in time. The double podium in Hungary – and our win last year in Spa – show anything is possible so we go there in this frame of mind : concentrate on our job, do the best we can and take advantage of the circumstances as they come about.

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