CNC Machinist – James Corrigan

The Job
My role entails reading complex engineering drawings, programming /setting and running various mill/turn machines to manufacture an array of different car components within a tight timescale and to accurate tolerances.
It starts with a technical drawing being passed down from the drawing office, which I then either programme at the machine or offline, then machine the component, pass to inspection for final check, before part is placed in stores ready to be fitted to the car when required.

First Steps
I did a 4 year apprenticeship in mechanical engineering whilst working for a small sub contract firm, doing work for touring cars and various research and development work, before deciding I’d try and get into F1.

What qualifications do I need ?
Minimum of an apprenticeship in an engineering discipline is preferred, substantial experience and knowledge of production and manufacturing methods is essential. Experience in the motorsport sector or aerospace industries would be advantageous.

Where would I start ?
We have our own apprentice scheme also there are good selection of schools and colleges that are motorsport based in the UK.
If you have already completed an apprenticeship and are ready for full time work find out about the different teams requirements. For example : here at Lotus F1 we require Heidenhain control experience for CNC mill and turn roles, for programming we require CatiaV5 R20 and Vericut 7.2.
All large motorsport teams use contractors during busy periods of the year so this can be another way to gain the needed experience.

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