Since being introduced in 2014, the Renault Clio R3T has established itself as one of the leading brands in the two-wheel drive category. The newest addition to the Renault Sport Technologies customer racing car range has won 24 times in the R3 class since its official launch at the 2014 Mont Blanc Rally.

The Clio R3T topped the standings in a number of highly competitive and legendary races, including the Var, Valais, Condroz, Touquet, New Caledonia, Sanremo and Lyon-Charbonnières rallies.

More and more drivers turn to the Clio R3T for its exceptional performance and reliability. Renault Sport Technologies is thrilled by its success and would like to thank all the crews that have chosen the Clio R3T.

1st round of the Iberian zone, Rias Baixas Rally
1st Fran Cima 30 points (25 overall + 5 performer)
2nd João Correia 18 points (18 overall + 0 performer)
Overall standings out of 70 participants:
Fran Cima: 13th stage win, 1st R3
João Correia: 15th stage win, 2rd R3

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3rd round of the Italian zone: Targa Florio Rally
1st Luca Rossetti 30 points (25 overall + 5 performer)
2nd Ivan Ferrarotti 18 points (18 overall + 0 performer)
3rd Fabrizio Andolfi Jr 15 points (15 overall + 0 performer)
Giacomo Scattolon 0 points (0 overall + 0 performer); DNF in ES4
Aleks Humar: Did not race in this rally
Overall standings out of 30 participants:
Luca Rossetti: 4th overall, 1st R3, 1st 2RM
Ivan Ferrarotti : 8th overall, 2nd R3
Fabrizio Andolfi Jr: 10th overall, 10th R3

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Antibes Côte d’Azur Rally – 3rd round of the French Rally Championships
135 participants
Results for Manu Guigou – Christopher Guieu in the Clio R3:
30th overall and 7th R3.

"I’m obviously disappointed," said Manu. "We were really ready for this race. Except for one special stage, everything went perfectly. That’s just how racing goes, but we did have some fun. I was able to compare my times in the Col de Bleine mountain pass to those from last year. The Renault Clio R3T with Michelin tyres is very, very fast. I was also able to work for the Rouergue Rally and tweak the car a bit with input from Jean-Michel Astier and Dorian Boisdron – Renault Sport." Manu Guigou – for Automeca
Manu Guigou will start off at the lead of the front-wheel drive cars after this third round.

Osorno Grand Prix – 2nd round of the Chilean Rally Championship:
Overall standings for the four Clio R3T of 54 participants
Jorge Martínez F. – Alberto Álvarez: 4th overall and 3rd R3
Ramón Ibarra – Nicolás García: 6th overall and 5th R3
Benjamin Israel – Emiliano Rovasio: 11th overall and 8th R3
Vicente Israel – Diego Cagnotti: 14th overall and 9th R3

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Fuchs Saturnus Rally Velenje – FIA European Rally Trophy, Mitropa Rally Cup, Slovenian Rally Championship
74 participants
Aleks Humar – Enej Loznar (Clio R3T):
3rd overall and 1st R3 and 2RM
Zoltán Bessenyey - György Papp (Clio R3T):
5th overall and 2nd R3