The New Mégane GT is the first car in its class to be equipped with 4Control technology, thanks to specific development with Renault Sport engineers.
A Renault-approved innovation, the 4Control chassis controls rear-wheel steering, delivering unprecedented driver enjoyment and a driving experience that is both sporty and safe.
On twisting roads 4Control offers dynamic, precision driving and stability at high speed.
Rounding off the New Mégane GT’s suspension system are specific settings for shock absorbers, springs, ESP and brakes etc, all designed to guarantee driving comfort and versatility.

“We have put all Renault Sport’s know-how into the New Mégane GT in order to create both driving comfort and enjoyment,” said Renault Sport Technologies Managing Director Patrice RATTI. “The 4Control chassis’s four-wheel drive system is linked to a suspension that has been developed by Renault Sport’s engineers to provide unique sensations on all types of roads. With its 205bhp engine, its seven-speed EDC gearbox with steering-wheel paddle shifts, its exclusive exterior design and its sporty interior, it will fulfil customer expectations in terms of feel, performance and pleasure.”

We take a close look at the New Mégane GT’s 4Control technology with Philippe MERIMEE, Ride and handling chief engineer, and Christophe PORTAZ – Chassis performance leader

What briefs were you given in developing this technology?
Renault Sport Technologies’ Suspensions team began making its contribution to the 4Control file in the pilot project for the CMF1 platform. We began working at a very early stage with Renault on 4Control with the idea of making Renault Sport DNA an integral part of the technology, all at the same time as it was being developed by the entire platform.
Main briefs:

  • Pilot project: development work on the sizing of the system and the specification of control systems, in partnership with Renault teams (Talisman and Espace).
  • Development: roll-out and development of the system on prototypes of the Mégane GT.

How much time did you spend on developing 4Control technology for the New Mégane GT?
Three years. Like all Renault Sport products, 4Control was tested and approved in the most demanding of environments.

What challenges did you come up against?
The addition of a control system such as 4Control provides an opportunity to offer the customer different driving experiences.
Our biggest challenge was to find two chassis system settings (4Control/power-assisted steering) that were both different and yet coherent with each other in order to offer two quality driving experiences (Normal mode and Sport mode).

What’s your view of 4Control technology?
4Control provides a multi-faceted car, one that changes according to speed levels:

  • At low and medium speeds it offers increased agility, which gives the driver the feeling that they’re at the wheel of a lower-class car.
  • At higher speeds, the system provides the kind of precision driving and cornering that can only be found in much sportier products (the Mégane R.S. Trophy, for example) without having to make radical changes in terms of suspension damping comfort.

As a result, with the Mégane GT we can offer a versatile and extremely comfortable car, all while providing the basics of any product developed by Renault Sport Technologies: driver enjoyment and adrenaline.

We’ll have more details on the New Mégane GT’s 4Control system for you very soon.