Eric Filippi fired up for the Monte-Carlo

Eric Filippi won the final two rounds of the season to claim the Clio R3T European Trophy International title and is now setting his sights on the Rallye Monte-Carlo and the chance to land a WRC 3 drive with Renault Sport.

What have been the highlights of your season?
“It’s been an amazing and exciting season, and it started off with me taking part in regional and national events before driving in the Ronde de Giraglia, the Rallye de Corte and the Tour de Corse in a Clio R3T offered to me by Manu Guigou. We then signed up for the Clio R3T European Trophy International and won the Corsica event, after which we decided to carry on by entering for the Rallye du Valais. I got away with a mistake on SS2 and we were able to finish the rally and get the class win. My co-driver Francis Mazotti also had a big hand in us qualifying. He’s got a lot of experience outside Corsica.”

How are you approaching the final at the Rallye Monte-Carlo?
“The same way I did the last two rounds of the Trophy International. I feel just the same way and I’ll be trying to get the best possible result without taking any unnecessary risks. The standard will be even higher in Monte-Carlo because all the best drivers will be at the start line and only one of them will take the victory. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already achieved part of my objective because I’d never have had the chance to take part in the Rallye Monte-Carlo without Renault Sport organising this competition. We have a lot of passion and I’m going to be testing on dirt and snow to prepare for the race.”

What does the Monte-Carlo mean to you?
“The biggest names in French rallying have starred on those roads, and a lot of international drivers too. I am and always will be an amateur driver who loves rally, and I’ve been taking in competitions in Corsica since 1999. Driving at the Monte-Carlo will be a huge challenge because we’re not used to road conditions like that in Corsica. It’s a childhood dream. My co-driver Francis and I can’t wait to get to Monaco in January.”