Exclusive interview with Luca Rossetti before the Monte Carlo Rally

Big winner of the Clio R3T Italy Trophy, Luca Rossetti now will be taking part in the Monte Carlo Rally with one final purpose, securing top honours in the 2015 Clio R3T European Trophy.

Could you sum up in a few words your 2015 season?
“2015 Season has been a really important one for me, cause after 2 years I’m finally back to the steering with a full-seasons program: I really enjoy the driving of the New Clio R3T all season long.”

Which sponsors and partners help you this year to provide the necessary budget for a season in CLIO R3T Italy Trophy?
“I have to say thanks to my 2 teams: first of all, DP Autosport that provide to me a perfect Clio R3T, we had have no one technical problem all year long and their support was really perfect, really professional. The other one is Promo Sport Racing, first of all a group of friends that help me to complete this season with their support and their passion for rally.”

By winning the CLIO R3T Italy Trophy, you get your qualification to the Finale in Monte Carlo : how are you preparing yourself to this big event ? What are your objectives?
“For sure the target is to win this amazing prize. Monte Carlo is one of the most difficult challenge in the motorsport, everyone of us know this so I’m preparing it as best as I can.”

Monte Carlo Rally : what does it mean to you?
I’ve been in Monte Carlo rally 3 times and 2 of this participations were not so perfect as my rally ended before the finish line. Monte Carlo Rally take your mind away, you never drive on the right condition: you drive on ice with slick tyres and then drive on dry condition with tyres with studs. For me is an unpredictable event and i always admired the serial winners, like Loeb and Makinen.