Extrema RS-10: Sparco technology at the drivers’ service

In the aftermath of winning his title in the Renault Sport Trophy, Andrea Pizzitola won an extraordinary prize : participation in the driver selection test organized by the official NISMO team in Super GT. To help him with this new experience, he wore a brand new suit designed by Sparco.

Lighter, more breathable, more comfortable, and more fire-resistant. Revolutionizing the world of racing suits. Sparco presents EXTREMA RS-10, the first fire-resistant racing suit in the world made from a newly designed material, the result of over 3 years of research and testing that incorporates in a single fabric what is normally achieved by traditional technology in a multilayer sandwich.

The new EXTREMA RS-10 racing suit weighs only 700g rather than 800g like the Superleggera suit (standard model), the current leader in the industry. This means a further weight reduction of over 10%!

Thanks to the new material, EXTREMA RS-10 is three times more breathable than a suit produced using traditional technology.

Comfort never felt before: the use of this extremely fine exclusive fabric (0,6 mm compared to the standard 1,6 mm) allows EXTREMA RS-10 to guarantee the driver improved mobility in driving position.

Fire resistance has been further improved thanks to the elimination of all quilting made possible by the new single-layered material and the insertion of over 60,000 microcapsules, which offer the equivalent body points of the driver greater protection.

Colors and design: EXTREMA RS-10 may be 100% screen printed with colors much more vivid than those used up until now, giving sponsors’ logos greater visibility and making way for a new form of communication, all of this achieved using 3-layer screen printing that makes the colors more visible without affecting the breathability and protection offered by the new EXTREMA RS-10 suit.

Claudio Pastoris, C.E.O. Sparco, said: “We are proud to know that Renault has chosen the Extrema RS-10 for Andrea Pizzitola, RS01 2015 Champion. We believe that we are offering to the team the best product in the market and we wish to the team a 2016 full of victories and successes assisted, of course, by Sparco.”