Hooked up with a seven-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, the New Megane GT’s Energy TCe 205 petrol engine offers sportiness, technology and low fuel consumption.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the New Megane GT’s TCe 205 guarantees lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and is linked up to an EDC transmission that offers pure driving pleasure.

Renault Sport Performance Synthesis Engineer Vincent Payet answers some of your questions about the New Megane GT.

What performance advantages does the Energy TCe 205 have to offer the New Megane GT?
There are two:
1. Reduced CO2 emissions.
A cut in emissions thanks to downsizing and the many technologies now employed by the car and the engine, which feature:
-  Thermal management: electrical management of the cooling circuit allows the engine to reach its working temperature more quickly, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
-  AC bypass technology.
-  Energy Smart Management: allows kinetic energy produced under deceleration to be recovered by the alternator and stored in the battery.
-  Stop&Start.

2- Enhanced driving pleasure:
Not only is the engine responsive at low revs, its torque curve has been reworked to make it equally responsive at high speeds: excellent engine response at high speeds, with the engine’s operating range being expanded.

What are the performance advantages of the New MEGANE GT’s seven-speed EDC transmission?
The dual-clutch transmission allows faster and smoother gearshifts, while the seven speeds optimise engine speed in line with car speed.
System reliability is also improved with wet clutch technology, which increases gearshift performance through a larger temperature range.

What do the steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles bring to the Megane GT?
The steering wheel-mounted paddles represent the whole wide world of sports cars and enhance driving pleasure. You don’t have to take your hands off the wheel to change gear. They stay in perfect position the whole time.

What does the Sport mode have to offer?
The various driving modes each reflect a different side to the car:

-  COMFORT mode: for relaxed driving.
-  NEUTRAL mode: dynamic and responsive.
- SPORT mode: totally geared towards optimal performance.

Additional and exclusive Sport mode functions make this even more of a Renault Sport car:
-  Multi Change Down: hold the left paddle down when braking and the transmission will shift down as many gears as possible.
-  Launch Control system: pull on both paddles, hold down the brake pedal with your left foot, fully engage the throttle and then come off the brake pedal. Launch control has been optimised to avoid wheel spin and improve gearshifting.