He’s coming home… - Q&A with Jolyon Palmer

Nevermind the various ball-based sports or political machinations rumbling on; Jolyon Palmer is a man on a mission for his first ever home Grand Prix.

How are you looking forward to Silverstone?
I can’t wait to race in front of my home crowd. I love the track and it’s always a special weekend at Silverstone. The crowd is huge and so passionate even if you’re not British but for a British driver it takes on an extra level.

What is it about the circuit for you?
It’s certainly the Formula 1 track that I know the best so I’m hoping that gives me an extra boost along with all the home fan support. There are lots of high speed corners which I really like to drive and a lap has a really good flow to it. I had my first race at Silverstone when I was fifteen so I know the place pretty well! I’ve been on the podium in every category I’ve raced in there and I’ve won there too. It’s certainly been a good track for me till now so I hope that continues. I’ve got great memories so far; I’m hoping to create the most memorable memory with a terrific drive into the points there in 2016!

You seem to be pretty focused for a home result?
I’m always focused for any result! It’s true I’m feeling more and more confident from the last few races. I’ve been improving myself but also getting the car more as I want it. If we can find just a little bit more from the car then we can get into Q2 and from there you’re nearer to points potential in the race.

It’s quite an intense schedule of back-to-back races; does this have any bearing on you?
Bring it on! I like the back to backs. I was frustrated to be just shy of the points in Austria so there’s an extra motivation as the target is very close. If the safety car had played out differently in Spielberg we could have been in the top ten, but nevertheless I was pleased with my performance, with how the car was feeling and how the team was working. We’re all moving in the right direction.

You and Kev were dicing a reasonable amount in Spielberg?
We’re both in the same car and we’re both pushing hard so it’s natural we will be fighting for the same piece of track. I got a great start off the line, but it’s a crowded circuit and naturally Kev fought back. We were battling at other times during the race and we did have a joke about it afterwards. We’re both here to race and do the best job possible for the team.

Any time to present Top Gear?
My Formula 1 activities keep me far too busy to consider that, however I wouldn’t mind having a go at the rallycross course…