In the aftermath of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 meeting at Circuit Paul Ricard, Renault Sport Racing invited the leaders in the category to put in a two-day internship in the heart of the British installation of the Renault Sport Formula One Team at Enstone. This operation follows in the wake of the Paddock Days at the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix in order to give the competitors the best tools to reach the highest level of their sport.

True to its heritage in the detection and promotion of motor racing hopefuls, Renault Sport Racing renewed this unique opportunity opening the doors of an F1 team for two days to the young guns of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0.

In the heart of Enstone

Max Defourny and Will Palmer (R-ace GP), Harrison Scott and Henrique Chaves (AVF by Adrián Vallés), Sacha Fenestraz and Gabriel Aubry (Tech 1 Racing) all made the trip to Enstone for a behind the scene immersion of F1 to receive several pointers on the vital aspects of their futures.

Over the two days, the group had the rare privilege to be hosted by several departments of the Renault Sport Formula One Team. After a presentation by Renault Sport Academy Manager, Mia Sharizman and Head of Sport Science and Strength and Conditioning, Dave Thompson, the six drivers got the chance to tour the installations, visiting the workshop, assembly area, 7-post rig and composite department.

Being Magnussen and Palmer

Not forgetting any important aspect to the success of professional athletes, the internship allowed the drivers to attend the Italian Grand Prix debriefing in the Enstone operations room. They also got the chance to speak with race tactician, Yash Patare, race team manager, Paul Selby and race engineer, Simon-Chautemps, who answered openly all their questions.

In parallel, they also attended a media training session and two physical training sessions at the Human Performance Center with Renault Sport Academy drivers Oliver Rowland and Jack Aitken.

Before leaving, they watched Oliver Rowland put in a session in the de Renault Sport Formula One simulator as Ryan Kumbang looked on.


Max Defourny: “First of all I would like to thank Renault and the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 organisation. This is one of the few championships that can offer such an opportunity. We learned a lot of things in discovering the organisation of an F1 team and about the work they do behind the scenes for everything to work. I hope that this operation will help me and that it will continue on in the future.”

Harrison Scott: “These two days at the Enstone factory have been incredible. I saw a lot of extremely interesting things, like the organisation, the preparation of the cars and the fabrication of elements such as the chassis and front wing. It is simply incredible to see a big team in action. It was also an occasion to take a fitness test and to see what kind of training is done at the Renault Sport Academy. Thanks to Renault Sport Racing for this unique opportunity.”

Sacha Fenestraz: “It is quite impressive to see the number of people who work on just two cars. We had a great time amongst ourselves during two exceptional days at Enstone. A big thank you to Renault for the invitation.”

Will Palmer: “These were two incredible days of seeing how the cars are built, the simulator and the training sessions among other things. It was a great experience and I’m really grateful to Renault for this.”

Gabriel Aubry: “To be at Enstone to see how an F1 team works is a really unique experience. We were able to see the people work to prepare two cars. You don’t realize it watching it on TV! I sincerely thank Renault to let me see this.”

Henrique Chaves: “To go behind the scenes of an F1 team is an extraordinary experience. It is really fascinating to see what they do and the time they spend on each detail. Discovering the physical preparation of the drivers was also very interesting. Thank You to Renault and the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 to have made this possible.”

Fred Vasseur, Deputy Managing Director Renault Sport Racing: “It is always gratifying to see young drivers discover the world of F1 with spellbound eyes, while being attentive to the advice we lavish upon them. To make their F1 dream a reality is an important approach dear to Renault Sport and each member of the team took care to distill the key elements for their futures.”

Jean-Pascal Dauce, Renault Sport Racing Director of Customer Competition Programmes: “For the past several years we have organised internships with an F1 team. These are proving crucial in the preparation of young drivers, who get to discover the workings of top flight team that may still seem far away to them. This operation also follows in step with the objective of Formula Renault 2.0: to detect, help and promote the best aspirants in motor racing in order to help them become the complete package all teams dream of having.”

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