Keeping Cool - Q&A with Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen reckons the Hungaroring is a cool track and his target is points.

What are your thoughts of the Hungaroring and Budapest?
It’s certainly a twisty track and it’s a little bit difficult to overtake there but it’s possible to have a good race there. I’ve had strong performances there in the past so I hope that will help this weekend. The race is very popular with fans and the support always helps. Budapest certainly is a city with a good vibe. It’s a beautiful with some lovely old buildings and some great restaurants. We don’t get enough time to explore the area during a race weekend unfortunately but I’m hoping to see a bit of it this time.

What is it about the track you like?
The Hungaroring is a cool track, I find myself saying that for every circuit we visit but I’m a racing driver and all tracks are cool in a Formula 1 car! It’s another race to look forward to and hopefully another race where we can push as hard as possible and hope for points.

Given the tight and twisty nature, how important is qualifying?
It’s very important. Yes you can overtake – turn one being the obvious example – but it’s not easy so qualifying position is a bit more important than at other places.

We should see better summery temperatures in land-locked Hungary than we had at Silverstone…
It was quite cool and very windy at Silverstone so any improvement weather-wise would be great! Whatever the weather though, we’ll approach the race weekend the same way, work hard and adapt to the circumstances. Last race’s result was certainly not what we’d hoped for so we’ll be working as hard as possible in Hungary with hopefully some learnings from the test that took place at Silverstone this week.