His name is Paul Massoteau and he is Renault Sport’s technical advisor. The link man between Renault Sport Cars’ engineers and the customers, he possesses expertise that is crucial to the quality of the R.S. and GT ranges.

What I do
“I’m responsible for identifying and analysing faults that could have a negative impact on production cars. Whenever a dealer, technical support service or the customer themselves notifies us of a problem, I have to liaise with the Renault Sport experts in question in finding a solution to it. Depending on the lessons learned, these incidents help us keep the entire network informed and can lead to a technical improvement being made to the vehicle in question. I also provide support for customer service and help with training up the network of Renault Sport Specialist Dealers.”

In my job you have to be…
“A real all-rounder, and you need to have complete technical command of the R.S. range. My brief covers the whole vehicle, from the bodywork to the engine. My job also requires in-depth knowledge of the network and its methods, and it’s steeped in the culture of customer satisfaction.”

My career
“I’ve loved motorbikes all my life and I’ve been interested in motorsport since I got my driving licence. After getting an HND in maintenance and car after-sales services, I did every single after-sales service job in the network before joining Renault Sport Cars in 2010.”

The hardest part of my job
“Obviously, I don’t tend to get calls when things go like clockwork. You need to have an iron will to get it through to the technical teams that they need to sort out problems as a matter of urgency, when a car’s been stuck in a garage for a few days.”

The best part of my job
“Every time I solve a problem it helps me progress and develop my skill set. I love being involved with the car as a whole because it allows me to liaise with all the Renault Sport experts. They’re all enthusiasts and they’re all passionate about their respective fields. I also like to keep tabs on all the developments made to the cars. And working with the R.S. models means I often get to work with some pretty clever people, which makes the job even more enjoyable.”