Monaco GP : Point of view of Operations Director

"Monaco is a special track in many respects and everyone has a favourite element, whether it’s the atmosphere, the circuit layout or the tight racing. For engine engineers, it’s the challenge of working on parts of the engine or software that you don’t normally focus on. "

"In Monaco we explore maps and settings to target driveability and performance on low speed and low rev settings.

The average speed is the lowest of the year and the corners are so tight that power is not important ; you need stability under braking and an engine that responds well out of the corners. For these reasons you may use levels you will not touch for the rest of the year and conduct work that is specific for just this one track. It’s necessary as every hundredth of a second could be a couple of places on the grid and, as we all know, grid position in Monaco is crucial.

Monaco is a tall task for everyone and our focus will be to work with both Red Bull and Toro Rosso to maximize performance.
Anything can happen on track so we need to be prepared to take advantage should opportunities come our way.

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