Picture Perfect : Bahrain Grand Prix

Sometimes you need a bit of luck to bring all the elements together that create a great photo. This shot is taken at the super-fast turn 7 of the Bahrain International Circuit and is one of those moments. I was shooting the cars arriving through the heat-haze and dust of the desert as they suddenly appear over this blind crest. I had noticed the helicopter flying in formation capturing TV images from above, and I hoped to capture both car and helicopter in the same frame.
As Jolyon blasts into my viewfinder the helicopter comes into sight, armed with a long lens and a teleconverter this frame-filling shot has just the impact that I was after.

Canon 1DX 500mm lens, 1.4 teleconverter, 1/2000th sec @ f4
Saturday 15th April 2017, 15.38pm
Photographer: James Bearne