Founded in 1872, Pirelli is the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer based on revenues. With a presence in over five continents, the company now has 20 tyre manufacturing facilities. Pirelli is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end and performance tyres. The company has always had a keen focus on research and development. The goal is to constantly improve the quality of Pirelli products in terms of performance, safety and environmental impact, all in line with the company’s ‘green performance’ strategy. In pursuing these objectives, Pirelli always aims to unite financial profitability with social responsibility. Having been involved in motor racing since 1907, Pirelli is currently the single tyre manufacturer for Formula 1™ : the current deal started in 2011 and has recently been confirmed until the end on 2019. This is an important challenge in terms of technological innovation and is a key means of promoting the Pirelli brand. The excellence of our products, the popularity of the Pirelli Calendar, our prestigious involvement in Formula 1™ and in more than 250 other championships around the world and the company’s involvement in the fashion industry all contribute to the success of our brand throughout the world.

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