Podcast : In between Grands Prix...

With a GP coming more or less every two weeks now, how does a Renault Sport F1 engine engineer spend his time between the chequered flag on Sunday and the first laps of the next Friday Free Practice session?

Rémi Taffin, head of track operations, Julien Barbieux and David Mart - engine engineers for LRGP and Team Lotus respectively - explain what they do at the factory and at the track.

In the second part of the podcast, listen to Rob White, deputy managing director (technical) talk about his role at Renault Sport F1 and provide insights on the 2013 engine regulations.

And in the final part, we have Mike Gascoyne, chief technical officer for Team Lotus explaining what does the partnership with Renault means to his team.

(You can download this podcast : MP3 | OGG)