Race Support Engineer - Karel Loos

The job
The main part of my job is to support the engineers at the track before, during and after the event. During the event I provide support from the factory via the intercom and live telemetry. The second part of my role is to update the build spec of the car and act as a liaison between the Design Office and Race Engineering. Although the role is predominantly factory based, I have attended four races already this season.

First Steps
Before Uni I lived quite close to a race track in Belgium. I used to cycle there and ask people from teams if I could help. It went from cleaning rims to being a mechanic and then shadowing the race engineers. During the last few years at University I was a Race Engineer for a GT racing team.

What qualifications do I need ?
I studied in Belgium. At high school I chose a technical route. I then went on to study a Masters in Automotive Engineering. Following this I moved to the UK to study Motorsport Engineering and Management at Cranfield University.

Where would I start ?
After my experience in GT racing I joined the Team on the Graduate Scheme working in the Vehicle Performance Group. From this I move to Race Engineering. I would recommend anyone to gain work experience in a team via work experience programmes, placements or just helping out.

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