Race Team Mechanic – Andrew Christie

The Job
My job entails being responsible for building the rear end of one of the race cars. There are two levels of mechanic, a number 2 mechanic which there are 3 of on a car and one number 1 who is in charge. I attend all the races and tests and build the car with the other three mechanics. It also involves being part of the pit stop crew. 

First Steps
I completed an apprenticeship in motor vehicle engineering to NVQ and ONC level, whilst working in a small road car garage. The garage I worked in also prepared single seater and rally cars which is why I choose to work there. I offered to help one of the teams at my local circuit which was a big help. I was offered a job in Formula 3 in England on the basis of my experience in race cars, then I moved to A1GP with the same team. This gained me the experience necessary to get the job in a Formula 1.

What qualifications do I need ?
An apprenticeship in motor vehicle engineering to NVQ and ONC level.

Where would I start ?
The Motorsport College at Silverstone circuit do an apprenticeship in motorsport which is the path most school leavers take now, as they get placements with lower formula teams and work their way up through the categories. To get on this course you don’t need any previous mechanical experience so it is a good way for people to get involved that have not had the chance to get to a circuit before.

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