The Sandero R.S. has made a first, fleeting appearance at the Copa de las Marcas Petrobras, where, after an eight-year absence from the championship, Renault made its return with a Fluence driven by Brazilian Formula One legend Rubens Barrichello.

Launched in 2008, the Sandero is already a success in Latin America, most notably in the Brazilian and Argentinian markets, where it figures in the top ten sales in its category.

Designed in Les Ulis (France) by Renault Sport, in collaboration with Brazil and Argentina, the Sandero R.S. will be manufactured in the Americas for the local market and will support the existing GT-Line version.

The car’s launch is Renault Sport’s tailored response to the expectations of Latin America’s car lovers. Harnessing the potential of the nimble, dynamic and reliable Sandero, the R.S. is a compact sports car offering a whole lot of fun at a very affordable price.

Renault Sport has brought its exacting standards and expertise to bear in creating the finished product, having worked on the chassis, the engine and the design of what will be the first R.S.-branded car to be manufactured in Latin America.

Stay connected in the next few days to find out more about the launch of the Sandero R.S.

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