So Close - Q&A with Jolyon Palmer

Were it not for a contretemps with Turn 4 on lap 47 of the Hungarian Grand Prix Jolyon Palmer would be heading to Germany with his first Formula 1 points in his pocket. No matter, Hockenheim offers another opportunity.

Firstly, so near yet so far; what happened in Hungary?
It’s painful to look back on. I was well-placed in P10, I had the pace on those around me and I was driving really within myself. I wasn’t exactly hanging anything out and hadn’t had any big moments, everything was under control but then I lost the car in Turn 4. It’s difficult for me to understand why. I hadn’t experienced oversteer the whole race in that corner and then I turned in and lost the car completely. I had a massive snap and then I was pointing backwards.

Aside from that one moment, how was the rest of the Budapest weekend?
The weekend was perfect apart from that one corner. It was easily my best race ever. The strategy was really good. The pit stops fantastic. Everything came together. The good news is that we didn’t luck into our performance, which shows we have the pace and can do it again. We’ve made a big breakthrough so I think it will carry on for another couple of races. My first F1 points were there for the taking in Hungary and I didn’t take them. I’m very eager to redress that situation in Germany.

What are your thoughts on Hockenheim?
It’s a circuit I haven’t raced at so much, as I’ve raced there only for two weekends previously. The two big features that stand out are the very long straight and the stadium section. Despite the changes to it over the years, it still has a really old-school feel to it, especially the arena section, which is very narrow and how close the fans can be there as well. It has a really nice flow, especially the second half of the lap, and a lot of slow and medium speed corners, which I quite like.

Do you enjoy racing in Germany?
There are a lot of passionate fans who come from all over the country and they really know how to enjoy the weekend. The campsites can be quite something to behold. It’s the last race before the August break so I may well treat myself to a nice German beer on the Sunday night.