Tim-Kevin Ravnjak is a talented freestyle snowboarder and a Slovenian Olympic Games representative, who has been driving a Renault ever since he turned 18 last year. To celebrate his successful season and our partnership, we launched a prize contest on social networks to engage Tim-Kevin’s fans, lovers of Renault and Renault Sport car as well as the broader public.

As part of the prize contest, we looked at how Tim-Kevin, a top extreme athlete, will do in a slightly different environment : sitting in the right seat of a 275 HP Renault Megane RS Trophy sports car driven by Matej Grudnik, an experienced rally driver. We wondered how much Tim-Kevin’s heart rate will increase as he sits in the passenger seat and enjoys a thrilling ride. The video was shot near Postojna in a controlled environment on a closed off road.

The prize contest is taking place across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social networks. The person who correctly guesses the heart rate will get an opportunity to enjoy a ride in the attractive Renault Megane RS Trophy.

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