E. DIEMERT, Renault Sport Technologies Design Director
The New Mégane GT stands apart from the Nouvelle Mégane Berline thanks to a series of aesthetic criteria that are unique to the world of Renault Sport and which allow us to create a strong, cohesive identity right across our range. The New Mégane GT has been created in line with especially effective design fundamentals, which provide the basis for a car that, in terms of its finish, is sportier than the New Mégane Berline, a car that was already dynamic in itself. Achieving that was a real challenge. In terms of cohesiveness, the programme has been an important one and we have worked on both the exterior and the interior.
As regards the exterior design, we have reworked the entire front bumper, altering the size of it. We came up with an oversized air intake, while also adding air scoops, which are a key distinctive feature of the front of GT versions at Renault Sport. We’ve also redesigned the upper and lower grilles and replaced the horizontal blade-type assembly (present on the New Mégane) with a 3-D tripod section that covers all the air-intake surfaces, immediately creating the impression that the car is bigger than it actually is, which is one way in which a sports car is able to reflect the image projected by its engine.
The front wing bears Renault Sport signature badging, a key feature in the expression of the car’s identity. At the rear, the lower part of the bumper has been reworked to incorporate an aerodynamic diffuser and two eye-catching chromed tailpipes, which echo the shape of the scoops on the front bumper, all with a view to giving the car a uniform and cohesive look.

The New Mégane GT’s 18-inch diamond-effect wheels have been especially designed for it and reflect precision and a desire for quality.
The New Mégane GT also boasts a whole new Blue Iron colour identity, a distinctive shade that comes in response to the Sirius Yellow seen on the Mégane R.S.’’

The New Mégane GT is 64mm longer (4,359mm) and 25mm lower (1,447mm) than the third-generation Mégane, and has a 28mm longer wheelbase (2,669mm), which is greater than that of rival models. The front and rear track widths have been respectively widened to 1,591mm and 1,586mm, while the rear overhang has been shortened.
The front end of the New Mégane GT sports the new Renault identity, with a large upright logo, a broad grille and high-quality chromed trim on the front and wings: window surrounds, badging and door handles.
A lot of thought has also gone into aerodynamics, with scoops either side at the front, deflectors at the rear and motorised flaps that close to reduce drag.

“The lateral surfaces feature precise, taut lines that sweep towards the front of the car. Combined with the sculpted shoulders, these lines lend character and a dynamic feel to the New Mégane,” said Franck Le Gall, exterior designer.

With the New Mégane, Renault has consolidated its corporate identity thanks to a distinctive lighting signature at the front and rear, which runs both day and night.
At the front, the daytime running lights boast LED (Light Emitting Diode) light-guide technology. The C-shaped lighting signature extends along the bumper and enhances the character of the front end. The New Mégane GT is equipped with full LED lighting modules for both dipped and main beams, while LED Pure Vision technology delivers significantly enhanced night-time vision compared with halogen technology. At the rear, the new LED lighting signature, visible by both day and night, stretches right across the car to increase its perceived width, and comes complete with 3D-effect Edge Light technology, which provides a slender brush-stroke effect that emits a purple-hued light.

A unique and distinctive colour identity for the New Mégane GT
The New Mégane GT sports a brand new Blue Iron colour identity.

As for the exterior, the typically Renault Sport rear bumper accentuates the car’s sporty appeal. The upper and lower grilles are model-specific, while the enlarged lower air intake is framed by two air scoops. The appearance of Dark Metal paintwork on the door mirror housings further enhances the car’s GT identity. Developed specifically by Renault Sport, the GT-badged 18-inch diamond-effect wheels are available as an option, while at the rear, the New Mégane GT is equipped with two chromed tailpipes that underscore design unity by echoing the two front air scoops and which frame a diffuser inspired by the world of Formula One. The New Mégane GT also boasts Renault Sport badging rear left and on the front wing.