Following a first video on the design of the Renault Sandero R.S. 2.0, which was released on the car’s launch at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show in June, here is a second video on the project’s creation. The film reveals the secrets behind the manufacture and development of Renault’s new sports car, designed and developed by Renault Sport for the Latin American market.

The Sandero R.S 2.0 is built at the Curitiba plant in Brazil and represents a three-way challenge: firstly for the Brazilians, who have integrated R.S. manufacturing specifications into their processes, secondly for Renault Sport Technologies, who are building an R.S. car outside Europe for the first time, and thirdly for the Argentinian experts working on the project at the Renault Technologies America engineering centre.

This exciting adventure provides an opportunity to exchange know-how and for colleagues to share their cultures with each other.

In tailoring its sporting philosophy to the Latin American market, Renault Sport has engaged in development on a local level, in collaboration with Brazilian and Argentinian engineers. The result is a sports car that has been especially designed to cater for customer tastes and driving habits and to adapt to local road conditions.