Thirsty for more - Q&A with Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is thirsty for more points as he previews the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Kevin, you had your second highest finish of the season and scored for the team in Singapore, how good did that feel?
It was really satisfying for myself and I was very pleased for the team because it was a boost for us all. I know how everybody back in Enstone and in Viry is working hard so a lift is just very welcome. We must now continue to improve and hopefully we can do the same again in Malaysia!

How did the result in Singapore come together?
It was one of those races where we proved the adage that you should never give up. To be honest, we didn’t look great at the beginning of the weekend yet we all kept pushing to maximise every detail over the weekend. In the race itself I made a great start and our strategy worked really well. It was a hard-earned point and a very rewarding one for all!

What are your thoughts about Malaysia?
It will again be a very hot and humid race weekend so it will be physically demanding just like it was in Singapore. I like Sepang Circuit and besides being a great venue, the track has some great high speed sections and the last section is especially one I like very much. Tyre management will be a key aspect in Sepang.

Have you got any particular memories of racing there in the past?
My first race in Sepang was in 2014 but it didn’t leave me with any particular good memory but hopefully we can change that next weekend!

Do you look forward to some typical Malaysian street food?
Unfortunately on a race weekend there’s not too much time available to explore and sample the local cuisine and I’ll most likely be headed back to the hotel every evening. It’s a long day at the track then you have to train, relax and ensure you get enough sleep to be at your best for the race. Sadly sometimes sampling the local culture has to wait until you’re on holiday.

How thirsty were you at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix?
I was very thirsty as I didn’t have any water at all during the race! No water at one of the hottest races of the season is not ideal but I got through it and tried to put it on the back of my mind during the race and concentrate on the task at hand.

Have you been busy since Singapore?
I did some work for one of our biggest partners, Infiniti, which was good fun and should be seen soon. After that I spent a few days back in Denmark before heading to Malaysia so I’ll replenish on energy and be ready for the next race!