Jolyon Palmer is set for new challenges on the streets of Baku.

How have you prepared for Baku?
It’s a brand new track so we don’t have it on the simulator, so I’ve done a few laps on the F1 game! So I’ve had a little look in advance! My engineers have done their homework but the first real impression will be made when we’re doing the track walk then getting laps on the Friday to learn the circuit. It’ll be the same for everyone.

What are your first impressions of the circuit?
I think it looks a cool track, there’s some high speed sections - especially for a street circuit - and overtaking is a possibility. The crazy middle sector looks difficult with its undulation and the sector looks very tight. Any mistakes on a street circuit tend to mean you’re into the wall, so you have to be alert.

It’s looking hot in Azerbaijan; will you notice that in the car?
Heat could play a factor for sure, and you do notice it in the car. We’ve not really had a very hot race as Bahrain was under the lights, and therefore cooler. On a street circuit it’s hotter anyway because you’re more sheltered so it’ll be tough racing for the car and the drivers. Anyway, after the weather in Canada I’m looking forward to some heat!

What are the positives to take to Baku from Montréal?
We made a step forward with the car, but some better luck and finishes would be good now. I’m happy with the progress being made for the rest of the season. Okay, I can’t be happy at not finishing in Montréal, but the new engine is a step forward and it’s worth a lot of time. The team are pushing hard, we’re finding stuff on the car and the engine is working well. There’s a little pain now, but I’m sure we’ll be looking better for going through it.