The Milan Compétition team locks out the podium in the first ever Clio Cup Europe round at the Hungaroring. Starting from row one, Anthony Jurado scored his third win ahead of team-mates Marc Guillot and Challenger Mathieu Lannepoudenx in what was a hard-fought race that saw David Pouget (GPA Racing) and Nicolas Milan (Milan Compétition) finish outside the top three for the first time this season.

On Friday, the competitors were greeted by thunderstorms for the opening collective tests. David Pouget set the early pace before Mathieu Lannepoudenx took over as the circuit began to dry in the second session. As temperatures heated up on Saturday, so did Milan Compétition with the top four spots in qualifying. Nicolas Milan led the way ahead of Anthony Jurado, Mathieu Lannepoudenx and Marc Guillot after a qualifying session which was stopped briefly after the accident of Fabrizio Ongaretto (PMA Motorsport), who walked away unharmed.

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When the lights went out, Anthony Jurado and Marc Guillot got the better of Nicolas Milan while Kévin Jimenez (GPA Racing) overtook Mathieu Lannepoudenx for fourth place. The two Challengers were then surprised by David Pouget, but he received a ten-second penalty for jumping the start.

Marc Guillot took the lead from Anthony Jurado on lap two but the Frenchman had a scary moment on two wheels at the chicane. Anthony Jurado and Nicolas Milan took advantage to retake the lead while Mathieu Lannepoudenx got past Kévin Jimenez for fifth place.

After a few moments to take stock of the situation, Nicolas Milan launched his attack on Anthony Jurado on lap eight but his team mate replied on the next lap. The duel between the two ended with a contact damaging Nicolas Milan’s right front wheel.

Despite the determination of his pursuers, Anthony Jurado held on for the win ahead of Marc Guillot. With David Pouget’s penalty, Mathieu Lannepoudenx inherited third place overall and won the Challengers Cup to bring an end to the string of five consecutive victories of Kévin Jimenez, who was penalised for track limits.

Tomáš Pekař (Carpek Services) was promoted to fourth ahead of David Pouget and Nicolas Milan. Gabriele Torelli (Faro Racing), Andreas Stucki (Stucki Motorsport) and Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) completed the top ten, while Lionel Viguier (TB2S) won the Gentlemen Drivers Cup despite his ten-second penalty.

In the general classification, David Pouget maintains his lead of the Clio Cup Europe, eight points ahead of Nicolas Milan. Anthony Jurado regains ground on Marc Guillot and Kévin Jimenez in the battle for third place. In the Challengers Cup, Mathieu Lannepoudenx reduced the gap to the leader Kévin Jimenez while Lionel Viguier is now up to fourth in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup.

Group A

Clio Cup Europe winner Anthony Jurado also took top honours in Group A ahead of Marc Guillot. The podium was completed by Gabriele Torelli, who overtook Filippo Berto (Oregon Team) with four laps from the chequered flag. The latter was well on his way to victory in the Challengers category but retired due to a technical issue on the penultimate lap. Alessio Alcidi (Caal Racing) took the win ahead of Fabrizio Ongaretto and Daniele Pasquali (Caal Racing). In the Gentlemen’s category, Quinto Stefana (Oregon Team) won in dominating fashion ahead of Matteo Rughetti (Faro Racing) and Paolo Felisa (PMA Motorsport).

Anthony Jurado increases his lead over Gabriele Torelli and Marc Guillot. Filippo Berto keeps the lead in the Challengers Cup, while Quinto Stefana is now just six points behind Gentlemen Drivers Cup leader Alessandro Sebasti Scalera.

Group C

Already the fastest in qualifying, Marc Guillot won ahead of Tomáš Pekař and Andreas Stucki, who inherited the third place after Jerzy Spinkiewicz was penalised for track limits. However, the Pole retained his victory in the Challengers Cup ahead of Alessio Alcidi. Daniele Pasquali was promoted to third place in the category after Henrik Siebel (Panther Motorsport) was disqualified for a sporting infringement.

With the victory, Marc Guillot now sits alone at the top of Group C ahead of Tomáš Pekař. Meanwhile, Jerzy Spinkiewicz increases his lead in the Gentlemen category while Lionel Viguier strengthens his lead in the Gentlemen Drivers category with his win.

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The Clio Cup Europe will be back in action Sunday morning for the second qualifying session at 09h40 before the second and final race of the weekend at 15h40.