A new interface for R.S. Replay

Just like race car drivers, you too can analyse the data recorded in your Renault Sport Car. The R.S. Replay website, which makes it possible to use the R.S. Monitor data, has just been updated.

To use R.S. Replay, you will need your R.S. car to be equipped with the R.S. Monitor*. This innovative technology not only displays the car’s parameters in real time, it also records its data.

The R.S. Replay website then allows these files to be used in many interesting ways. Among the more playful functions, it is possible to “re-play” your runs while seeing the information superimposed with the circuit map. Nothing has been overlooked: speed, driving lines, engine parameters, brake power, G-G diagram…

To match Renault Sport’s new visual identity, the R.S. Replay ergonomics have been completely re-thought. There are also other new features, such as customizable widgets or being able to compare your runs with other users on the platform, which is ideal for improving your driving techniques!

To check out the new site and enter the R.S. Replay universe, click here.

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*Clio IV R.S., Mégane III and IV R.S.