All about Renault Sport in 192 pages!

With "Renault Sport, l’esprit de la course au quotidien" (Renault Sport: the spirit of racing, every day), Jean-Luc Fournier has written the most comprehensive book ever on the various designs and models produced by Renault Sport Cars over the last few decades.

A former driver in his youth, Jean-Luc Fournier worked for several specialist magazines on fifteen or so collections dedicated to cars and motorsport. And although recounting the rich history of Renault Sport Cars is by no means an easy task, the writer had no hesitation in taking on the challenge and paying tribute to one of France’s most iconic brands.
The result is a 192-page book that is already regarded as a work of reference: Renault Sport, l’esprit de la course au quotidien. A genuine historic guide, packed with a host of previously-unpublished photos, the book covers Renault Sport’s past and present, from the R5 Turbo to New Mégane R.S., taking in the likes of the 4 CV 1063, the R8 Gordini and many other iconic models along the way.
"This book about Renault Sport cars is also about the people that design them," commented Jean-Luc Fournier. "We interviewed tens of people in all the departments based at Les Ulis in order to get a better understanding of their personal input in the design, production and marketing of Renault Sport cars. I think this adds meaning to the book and probably makes it different to those you generally find on the topic."
"Renault Sport, l’esprit de la course au quotidien", published by Flammarion, is available in book stores now.

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