Alpine and Mandiant extend strategic partnership into Esports

Alpine Esports is delighted to confirm a multi-year strategic partnership with Mandiant, one of the most trusted cybersecurity providers in the world.

The collaboration strengthens the existing relationship between Alpine F1 Team and Mandiant, who joined as a valued cyber security partner earlier in the year. Mandiant connects into the increasing portfolio of Alpine Esports partners at a premium level.

Through 2023, the team will benefit from Mandiant’s expertise to combat cyber threats and enhance planning and risk management as it competes in the F1 Esports Series Pro Championship, which kicked off on 13 October.

Mandiant branding will be featured heavily across Alpine Esports, with branding on in-game liveries, stream assets and media with a title competition run from this season.
Alpine Esports is part of the Alpine Racing family alongside Alpine F1 Team and Alpine Endurance Team. It will contest the fourth edition of the F1 Esports Series this year. Nicolas Longuet, Fabrizio Donoso and Patrik Sipos will fly the Alpine colours following their third-placed result in the 2020 series under the Renault Vitality name.

Cedric Journel, Vice President, Alpine Sales & Marketing: “It is very exciting to see Mandiant diversify their involvement with the Alpine brand, expanding our partnership from F1 to Esports. We have established a strong relationship based on trust, excellence and innovation. Our growth and results in Esports have been positive and to take the next step we need trusted partners that will assure our security as we focus on performance. We have already seen marked benefits in Formula 1 and we are looking forward to putting all our learnings into the Esports arena.”

Kevin Taylor, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Mandiant: “We’re pleased to extend our relationship with Alpine into Esports, which is an area that has seen impressive growth in recent years. We’re committed to working on-track – both in the real and virtual worlds – with Alpine to manage risks and provide critical support to the team. At Mandiant we’re excited to become an even more integrated part of the Alpine family as we navigate new challenges together.”