Another chance - Q&A with Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo left Russia frustrated after his race ended early. The Australian is keen to push that to one side, as he eyes up Japan as another opportunity to bring home some points.

How special is Japan?
There’s no place like Japan. The whole culture there is just cool, unique and is a very interesting experience. The food is amazing and the people are crazy, but in a good way. The fans at the track are very full on, but also loyal, respectful and bring you nice gifts and photographs; that’s fun to see!

What’s Suzuka like behind the wheel of a modern Formula 1 car?
Suzuka has some old school characteristics, which I really enjoy. It’s fast and flowing, while also quite raw and bumpy. I like the corner combinations at Suzuka. It’s up there with one of the best circuits as it has a bit of everything and that’s we love. The first sector climbs uphill and snakes a bit with the left, right, left. Sector two is a little more technical and then the final sector features 130R which is big and brave. It’s almost a rollercoaster lap: back and forth, up and down. I like that feeling.

What’s your verdict on the last two races?
Leaving without points from the last two races is disappointing and probably not what we deserve. We have been looking quick and should have scored much more than we did. We can’t reflect too much on it, all we can do is focus on Japan and ensuring we do a good job there. It’s important we come away with something to keep in the race for fourth. We know it’s going to be tough, but we won’t give up.