25 September 2020

Arkana R.S. Line a hybrid approach to the coupé-style SUV

Arkana R.S. Line a hybrid approach to the coupé-style SUV

With the successful European launch of its Arkana SUV coupé, Renault has reinvented the market’s conventional codes to become the first mainstream carmaker to offer a coupé-style SUV on the continent, a profile exclusive to premium brands up to now. This all-new offer complements the other models in the compact range (Mégane, Kadjar and Scenic) and is targeting the exceptional growth in the SUV market around the world.

Renault Sport Arkana R.S. Line combines SUV and coupé-style features, offering an advanced hybrid technology with the best of both models – a reassuring elevated driving position, roominess, uncompromising boot capacity and an innovative and distinctive style. The new Arkana R.S. Line guarantees a more thrilling and responsive driving experience, especially with the R.S. Line trim and the latest full-hybrid engine technology– E-TECH Hybrid – and its 1.3 TCe micro-hybrid 12V engines.


The new Arkana R.S. Line boasts an exclusive hybrid look. With pronounced ground clearance (190 mm), an elevated and muscular beltline and wide shoulders, Arkana fits perfectly in the world of SUVs. The front and rear skid plates and the wheel arch protections enhance the SUV look, while the plunging roofline and window line both create an agile and slender curved design that extends to the rear windows and enhance the car’s dynamic look, a design which is also capturing the features of the coupé style.

The Arkana’s R.S. Line profile is one of its most striking features. The unique coupé-style SUV outline of the car is instantly recognisable, combining style with sturdiness and responsiveness. The car’s overall size gives it a more flowing profile. The chrome aspects, such as the trim accentuating the windows, the side door protections and the front fender trim, serve to underline the car’s stature.


The New Arkana is the third model in the Renault range (after Clio and New Mégane) to offer the new R.S. Line design trim which combines elegance with sportiness. It draws its inspiration from Renault Sport’s DNA and the iconic New Mégane R.S. model. The car’s even bolder design is further enhanced by the Orange Valencia colour unique to this version and the intense backdrop created by black-painted and dark metal parts that embellish the bodywork, including the Formula 1-inspired aerodynamic blade. The bumper features red inserts and Shadow-Tinted wheels that are unique features of the range. An R.S. Line badge has been added to the wings trim while the rear sports a chromed dual exhaust outlet and a darker skid plate, specific to this R.S. Line version.

Arkana is another example of how modernity and innovation are rooted in Renault’s DNA. It is a hybrid on all levels, and perfectly blends the codes of the coupé and the SUV, combining responsiveness with versatility. It brings a fresh impetus to the mainstream compact SUV segment which is core to the European market. Arkana’s hybrid technology engines are forward-looking and offer a unique driving experience, with the innovative E-TECH Hybrid system at the top of the range, guaranteeing driving pleasure with reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

François Laurent Arkana Programme Director

Following in the tyre-tracks of Clio, Captur and Mégane, Renault is using the same strategy for the New Arkana and integrating its innovative E-TECH hybrid technology. The full-hybrid engine can already be found in the Clio E-TECH Hybrid and ensures that the vehicle always starts in electric drive, offering greater pleasure in all driving conditions with crisp, immediate acceleration. The engine also has excellent energy efficiency, thanks to its innovative multi-mode gearbox, its powerful energy recovery braking system and its high-level automatic battery-charging system. E-TECH hybrid can provide up to 80% of city driving time with all-electric power, reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 40% over a combustion engine in urban driving. Drivers can use the MULTI-SENSE settings to select a specific driving mode: My Sense for daily driving, Eco for even lower fuel consumption and Sport to combine the power of the engines.


Thanks to the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem, the new Arkana R.S. Line is part of a connected universe of services accessible via the MY Renault app and the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system. It features continuous 4G connectivity and additional services offered by partners such as Google (address finder) and TomTom (real-time traffic information and danger zones). From remote vehicle control to real-time traffic information, including door-to-door navigation with the destination information sent to the car, vehicle location and (coming soon) remote door control, all systems aim to offer a unique connected experience, both inside the vehicle and outside, via smartphone. The Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and onboard mapping also offer automatic and regular updates thanks to “Over the Air” technology.

The new Arkana R.S. Line E-TECH Hybrid engine is ideal for all types of journey and usage, ensuring optimum versatility. It is equally suited to drivers looking for an electric drive mode for better fuel efficiency as it is to high-mileage drivers who previously preferred diesel engines but are now looking for lower consumption while keeping the same driving habits.