Backing it up - Q&A with Nico Hülkenberg

Nico Hülkenberg enjoyed a solid Sunday in France for his eighth-place finish. Now, he wants to back that up in Austria in the hills of Spielberg for the first double-header of the 2019 Formula 1 season.

What are your thoughts on Austria?
Austria is a very warm and welcoming event hosted with a nice, chilled out atmosphere. It’s quite close to the German border, so there are usually a number of German fans who make the trip to come and support and that’s really great to see. The circuit is quite surreal as it’s in the middle of nowhere with lots of hills, empty fields and a lot of cows! It’s picturesque, a nice scene for a Formula 1 race and it freshens up this busy period of racing.

How tricky is a lap of Spielberg?
The lap times are so short in Austria with just nine corners to negotiate, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy place to drive. It’s quite the opposite. It’s technical, it has elevation changes, there’s a mix of medium to high-speed corners and also big kerbs to watch out for, especially the final two corners. We have some things to assess on Friday, but as ever we’ll be looking to get our heads down and progress ourselves through Friday, Saturday and Sunday and target a solid result at the end.

Are you pleased with the French Grand Prix result?
We can be happy with our recovery on race day, and it’s always nice to be scoring points. It does highlight the importance of qualifying and therefore track position. We were stuck in traffic for a lot of the race and I had more in the tank on Sunday, which might have allowed us to be higher in the top ten. The last couple of laps were a lot of fun with some good wheel-to-wheel racing. Hopefully in Austria there will be more of that and we’ll be coming out somewhere near the top end of the midfield!