Balance and harmony - Q&A with Nico Hülkenberg

While Nico Hülkenberg left Spain without points, the German is in a determined mood as he heads home to Monaco for the most famous Grand Prix of the season.

What makes Monaco so special?
There’s nothing quite like Monaco; it’s a real highlight of the year and the race I most look forward to. Everything is special there, the prestige of the event itself, the history and the glamour. You get a real buzz all weekend from the atmosphere. I live in Monaco so I stay at home throughout the race weekend and enjoy all the comforts that provides.

Where does Monaco rank amongst other street circuits?
There are a couple of street circuits on the Formula 1 calendar in Baku and Singapore, which are great in their own right, but Monaco is just fantastic and incomparable. It gives you a huge adrenaline rush and you really feel the sensation of speed there with walls tight on both sides for the whole lap. Monaco is about having confidence and being able to be on the limit.

It’s a challenge to overtake in Monaco, which places a bit more pressure on qualifying and getting that absolutely perfect. You have to build yourself up steadily in Monaco through each session until qualifying, where you aim to give it everything.

How do you reflect on the Spanish Grand Prix weekend and post-race test?
We were a bit on the backfoot for the race in Spain after my mistake in qualifying, which eventually led to the Pit Lane start. Having said that, we made some places up and enjoyed a normal race and that was good to continue building confidence in the car. I’m beginning to regrow that harmony in the car as that has been missing during this first part of the year. The post-race test was also productive as we assessed a few new things and that should mean we’re well placed heading to Monaco. We’ll be aiming for a solid race weekend to be back to where we should be: in the points.