Bonuses for the Clio Cups entered in the Endurance Touring Trophy

Since 1966, Renault Sport Racing has created modern, fast and economic cars designed for customer racing. Starting next year, the activities of these drivers and structures will be given an additional boost with new incentives for those entered in the Trophée Tourisme Endurance.

Since 2009, the Trophée Tourisme Endurance (TTE) has given extra-time for countless cars coming from various single-make cups. With several dozen Clio Cup and Formula Renault cars on the TTE grids, Renault Sport Racing has decided to support its customers without interfering in the sporting and technical regulations of a well-honed competition.

Endurance prize in the Trophée Berline

With its four-hour format, the TTE Trophée Berline is open to saloon cars like the Renault Clio Cup. Structured according to a class system, this inexpensive and spectacular category obliges crews to make mandatory pit stops and refuel, placing the emphasis on driving and strategy.

In 2019, a specific classification of the fourth-generation Renault Clio Cup will be established for each of the races in the championship. At the conclusion of the season, Renault Sport Racing will award 20,000€ to the top ten in the form of vouchers, ranging from 7,000€ for the winner to 500€ to tenth place.

Bonuses for the Clio Cup 3 in FREE Racing

Renault Sport Racing is always looking to make motorsport as accessible as possible and thus has been won over by the FREE Racing format.

Open to drivers from all horizons, entered as a duo or as a solo, this category is also divided into classes between saloon cars and GTs. Several Renault Clio Cup 3s have found a home there, taking advantage of low operating costs and low entry fees to enjoy two free-practice sessions, a qualifying session, two sprint races and one semi-endurance event per weekend.

As with the Trophée Berline, Renault Sport Racing will earmark 10,000€ of vouchers to the top ten in the Clio Cup 3 classification ranging from 2,500€ to the winner to 500€ to tenth place.

Another one for the Formula’Cup

In 2018, a new category exclusively reserved for Formula Renault cars made its debut in the TTE programme.

With its open regulations, but strict when it comes to performance, one of the best-selling single-seaters in the world can now be raced on some of the best circuits in France to delight the nostalgics, whether they are behind the wheel or among the fans.

Due to the immediate success the organiser experienced, Renault Sport Racing has decided to invite the 2019 winner of the Formula’Cup to test the new generation of Formula Renault.

Benoît Nogier, Renault Sport Racing Commercial Racing Director: “This is mainly intended to support all our customers in their quest for new challenges alongside the Clio Cup France in 2019 so drivers currently racing there could very well team up for endurance races in the Trophée Tourisme Endurance. Meanwhile, competitors racing older versions of the Clio Cup and Formula Renault will also benefit from this programme for all our customers, and whichever of our products has won them over. We have total confidence in the Trophée Tourisme Endurance to guarantee the fairness of sporting and technical aspects."

2019 Trophée Tourisme Endurance calendar
April 5-7: Val de Vienne
May 3-5: Lédenon
May 31-June 2: Charade
June 22-23: Anneau du Rhin (except Trophée Berline)
July 12-14: Dijon
September 20-22: Nogaro
October 25-27: Magny-Cours
November 15-17: Le Mans