Six rounds of the French Rally Championship

Stability is in order, because of the success met during the past years by the Trophy. With a guaranteed technical and sporting equity, the drivers will be able to compete on equal terms in six of the most beautiful events of the French Rally Championship 2017: Touquet, Antibes, Rouergue, Mont Blanc, Heart of France and the Var.
Only five results will count towards the final standings. At each event, the drivers will be rewarded with points for the final standings and Performer points on the every stages. The top performer driver at the end of the season will win the Best Performer “Jean Ragnotti” trophy.

Attractive prize money

In 2017, the total prize money will be distributed to the top 15 finishers. The winner of each round will therefore earn a prize of €7 000.
A prize of €1,000 will also be awarded at each of the six rallies to the top Junior (drivers born in 1989 and later) and to the highest-ranked female driver.
All the drivers entered in the Trophy will receive, at the start of each event, two Michelin tyres and 53 l of ETS petrol. At the end of the season, the winner of Clio R3T France Trophy will be rewarded with a Clio R.S.


Rallye Sporting Coordinator
Tel. : +33 6 80 24 55 04 / +34 630 903 741


  • Rallye du Touquet (March 16-18)
Rallye d’Antibes (May 12-14)
  • Rallye du Rouergue (July 7-9)
Rallye du Mont Blanc (August 31 - Sept 2)
  • Rallye Cœur de France (September 29-30)
Rallye du Var (November 23-26)

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