Digging in - Q&A with Daniel Ricciardo

It was a solid sixth place for Daniel Ricciardo in Monza as he targets more this weekend in Tuscany at the fast and flowing Mugello.

What do you know about Mugello?
I’m really excited to drive a modern Formula 1 car at Mugello. I’ve been there in 2007 for Formula Renault and in 2012 for an F1 test. It’s so fast and flowing, it has a nice rhythm and it’s going to be a lot of hard work at the wheel. I think all our necks are going to want to fly off because of the changes of direction and medium to high speed corners! It’s going to be pretty awesome.

Where will be the best place for overtaking?
For racing, it’s difficult to know where it’ll be good to overtake in these current cars. I’d say Turn 1 is going to be the best place, but I think we’re going to be braking late and deep into there as it’s quite a long corner. It’s going to be hard to send it from far, but that will be the challenge. The last corner is long and quick and hopefully there will be a few lines we can take to get closer to another car. I do think qualifying will be crazy there and a lot of fun.

What’s the feeling after Monza?
It’s one of those races where you’re happy with the result, but also left thinking if there could have been more. I think we did well to leave with points. We raced well, made good overtakes, held a good position early on until the safety car and red flag meant everything was shook up a bit. We scored well in Belgium, the same in Monza, so it would be great to keep up the trend with more this weekend in Mugello.