Easing into it - Q&A with Esteban Ocon

Esteban Ocon scored good points on his return to Formula 1, now he has his eyes set on this weekend’s Steiermark Grand Prix.

How was it to score strongly on your first race back?
To score points on my first start with the team is really satisfying. I know that it’s the team’s first points in Austria since returning to Formula 1, so that’s quite nice and demonstrates everyone’s hard work. It’s been a while since I last lined up on the grid too, so I’m pleased to get back into action with some kind of reward in the bag. My start wasn’t the best but after that we kept it clean, remained in the race and we managed to progress into the top eight. We know there are small areas to improve but we have another opportunity this weekend to do even better.

What did you learn over the weekend?
Firstly, the car felt good all weekend and the upgrades worked as the team had planned. It’s a good step since testing so we’re definitely heading the right way. We missed out on a bit of track time on Friday and again on Saturday, so we didn’t have the best preparation for qualifying. It was important to be a bit further up the grid but we found a few things to improve in some areas. Friday practice this week brings us the chance to work on those small details which should make a difference.

What is the plan to prepare for the next round?
I trained all week in between a little bit of rest. My body is still getting used to the demands of racing again! We still have two more races to go during this opening triple header so I know that rest and recovery is going to be more important than before. I’ve been taking in the views here and then it’ll be time to bring back the focus for the next race.